Jacques BAL  jacques.bal@free.fr 
Born in 1948, graduated in geology from Karl Rupecht University, Heidelberg Germany. International experience as exploration and field geophhysist with major oil and services companies (Geosource, Prakla-Seismos, Total, Elf, Conoco, Texas Crude, …) He is working currently as consultant in oil and gas field evaluation, seismic acquisition and interpretation. His worldwide experience includes also supervision, logistics, project impact studies, coordination and management. His working languages are : French, English, German and Arabic.

André COAJOU andre.coajou@wanadoo.fr
Has over 35 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, mainly with ELF and for over half of that time his focus was Africa. As VP Africa Exploration, during the period 1987-1993, he was instrumental in positioning ELF in the deep offshore exploration of the Gulf of Guinea leading to the giant discoveries in Angola (Girasol, Dalia…) and in Nigeria (Bonga, Usan…). He was also involved in several other large discoveries (Amenan in Nigeria, Cobo-Pambi in Angola, Nkossa in Congo) and in the development of complex fields which needed multidisciplinary work. In 1993 he became Elf VP for New Ventures and negotiations, successfully establishing the company in a number of new areas such as Azerbaijan (Shak Deniz) and Trinidad & Tobago. He retired from ELF in 2001, having spent his last 3 years as VP Asia Pacific in Singapore. Since then, he is an adviser to start ups, national oil companies and to banks. He also gives lectures and is a moderator and/or speaker at international conferences. Andre is a graduate of St. Etienne School of Mines

José Ivan DIAZ BARRERA jose-ivan.diaz@wanadoo.fr
Born in 1964, graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (88), Institut Français du Pétrole (91) and from Ecole Supérieure du Commerce de Paris-EAP (MBA, 2004). He worked for 12 years in Oil and Gas Exploration with TOTAL, where he held technical positions mainly as new ventures petroleum geologist. In this company he worked one year as economist. Recently he founded the Essence de Paris Company an is applying for a license of exploration. His international experience is mainly in Angola, Vietnam and Yemen. As a geologist he participated in basin projects : Iran, Irak, Emirates, Colombian foothills, Libya, Mexico and Algeria. As an economist, he participated in projects in countries such as Angola, Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. He has a broad experience evaluating prospects and doing risk analysis. He has developed financial and accounting knowledge and has a special interest in jobs such as adviser in M&A, financing deals and prospect finders.

Jean Louis DONADIEU de LAVIT jldonadieu@aol.com
Born in 1934, graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité (56) and from ENSPM (57), he worked for 38 years in Oil and Gas Exploration with Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG) where he held managerial positions. 20 years of experience in Technical Information Systems (Seismic processing, Exploration and Production, Data Bank). He founded the Petrosystem Company and was its president for 6 years. Recently he designed the Technical Informatioon System for NHC in Cameroon. His International experience is mainly in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. He has a broad experience dealing with National Companies and consortium projects

Yvon DROUILLER yvon.drouiller@gmail.com

Graduated as Geologist/Geophysicist Engineer from ENSPM - Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs in 1975. Has over 38 years experience both in the oil industry and the nuclear industry, mainly in exploration activities and in geological studies as Geophysicist, Structural geologist and Petrophysicist, always as user of Petroleum techniques, both in data acquisition and data interpretation. Has worked as seismic interpreter in Europe, Africa and South America. For the last 7 seven years, as seismic interpreter consultant, he proposes his services to interpret 2D and 3D seismic data in exploration & production projects. Is fluent and can work in French, English and Spanish.


Jean-Michel FONCK jmfonck@free.fr
Born in 1941. Graduated from Ecole des Mines (Nancy 63). He worked in Paris in mathematical applications to geology, in Indonesia as Chief Geologist, in Argentina and Egypt as Exploration Manager, in Paris as Division manager for Exploration New Ventures and International Exploration Coordination, and in Houston as President and CEO of the TOTAL Exploration and Production Branch. In 1994, he became Vice-President of Exploration and Reservoir for the TOTAL Group in Paris.

Jacqueline JOUVAL jacqueline.jouval@libertysurf.fr
Born in 1951, PhD from Marseille University (78), studying Ivory Coast Neogene Foraminifera and DESS from Paris University (94) in Environmental Engineering. 20 years of experience in exploration for hydrocarbons in Africa, Europe and South America for Ivory Coast Hydrocarbons Office, TOTAL, CORPOVEN, LAGOVEN and PDVSA. Excellent knowledge of wellsite geology, regional stratigraphic studies and sequence stratigraphy with multidisciplinary groups. Responsible for training of junior micropaleontologists in Venezuela. Highly motivated to continue a career as an Oil and Gas Exploration Consultant.

Yves MARIA-SUBE adeuxpoints@infonie.fr
Born in 1941, graduated engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (1965), MBA (Nantes, 1966), and PhD in Earth Sciences (Montpellier, 2008). He worked 18 years with Schlumberger, where he held technical commercial and managerial positions. Managed a data processing centre for log interpretation and created, then managed a school for log analysts. Has published several petrophysics and geology papers. His international experience is mainly in North and West Africa, Europe, and Asia. Has held management and consulting positions in computer service companies in USA and France. Presently Consultant in computer and oil services.

Hugues MONROSE hugues.monrose@libertysurf.fr
Born in 1936, graduated from ENSPM, and has a Master in Geology from Bordeaux University. He has worked for SAMEGA, GEOSERVICES, and BECIP between 1967 and 2002. He assumed the position of well site geologist responsible of managing teams and as a petroleum engineer managed rigs and teams for SHELL. He also worked as a specialist of clastic petrography and as a petrophysicist. Later on, he was in charge of the geochemical laboratory of BECIP. He worked in parallel as a Log Analyst.  He brought his expertise to Pertamina (Indonesia), to ENAP (Chile). He was Operation coordinator in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. During all his engineering years he also developed a keen interest in Russian logs and developed an expertise on the subject. He has been during 4 years president of SAID, the french chapter of SPWLA and received in 1999 the SPWLA award. He has also been reading well logging lectures at the UniversitY of Bordeaux. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Gordon MOWAT gmowat@earthlink.net
Born in 1948 in Scotland, graduated 1969 from U. Glasgow in Physics. His career with SCHLUMBERGER spanned 31 years, starting as logging engineer in Middle East, later positions in integrated studies ; training, coaching and mentoring ; general management ; sales and marketing ; contract negotiation ; and executive-level relationship management. Advanced qualifications include professional diplomas in Petroleum Economics and Risk Evaluation. Technical roles included advanced log analysis ; integrated studies ; geosciences IT systems, petroleum engineering, well bore geophysics, well completion, data mining / analysis. He has published a range of technical papers in several forums. Position included late-career 3 years returning to basic physics & geoscience’s research in Schlumberger-Doll Research in Connecticut ; 3 years general management of Schlumberger GeoQuest integrated IT and interpretation for Latin America ; 3 years world-wide product management of Schlumberger’s upstream interpretation business. International experience included Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean, Far East and USA, and he speaks English, French and Spanish, and competency in Portugese, Bahasa Indonesia and Farsi. Presently accepting consulting positions world-wide in broad project analysis and evaluation teams.

Gildas OMNES geomnes@wanadoo.fr
Born in 1935, graduated from ENSG ( Nancy School of Geology-58 ), he worked from 1958 to 1995 with Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG). He acquired a broad experience in seismic reflection and potential field methods applied to exploration for Oil and Gas as well as mining, ground water and civil engineering, particularly in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and W.Africa. He managed crews, regional operations and also R&D, Technical Assistance and QC teams. Now a Consultant, he is involved in the supervision of geophysical operations, the development of seismic data processing methods and training courses. Recently he designed 1 and 3D surveys in difficult terrain and evaluated onshore and offshore data sets in five countries of West Africa.

Patrick PORTOLANO contact@eosys.fr
Born in 1956, graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (1979) and Newcastle University ( UK ), he worked for 5 years in reservoir engineering and reserve evaluation at FRANLAB (now BECIP-FRANLAB) in Sophia Antipolis (France) and Houston (Texas). He founded EOSYS in 1993, a geosciences and seismic survey company based in Paris, and has managed it since then. To reservoir engineering and reservoir modeling, he has added specializations in 3D geological modeling, seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, satellite and aerial image processing and interpretation. He has worked for most of the major industrial French Corporations as well as a number of IOC and NOC in Europe, Africa, Middle East and America. His current focus is in prospect and reserve appraisals as well as in assisting or participating with private investors to secure new exploration and production permits.

Jean POUZET jpouzet@wanadoo.fr
Born in 1949. Graduated from Ecole des Mines (Nancy 69) and University of Houston (MBA, 1990). He worked 26 years for TOTAL exploration from junior Reservoir geologist to corporate Head of Reservoir geophysical and geological studies. Broad experience in reservoir studies, asset evaluation and quantitative geological earth models integrating static and dynamic components. Experience of leading multidisciplinary teams and of training courses for Reservoir Geologists. 13 years of overseas assignments : Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, USA, Norway. Working languages : fluent english and french.

Jean-Louis TEURLAI jl.teurlai@free.fr
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X 64) in 1966.  Has over 40 years experience in the oil industry, mainly in exploration activities.  Worked five years with CGG as Party Chief, then joined Shell for twenty seven years in geophysical data acquisition, seismic data interpretation, exploration management, HSE management, and E & P project management.  Has worked as consultant for the last ten years, managing projects related to geophysical acquisition, HSE and exploration.  Has worked in Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, and various other oil provinces. Is fluent and can work in French, English, Spanish and Russian. 





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