Patrick CHOPELIN graduated from Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics as a Civil Engineer in 1969, he then earned a Master of Science in Structural Design and Analysis from the University of California at Berkeley in 1970. After working with Bureau Véritas as Research Engineer in the Naval Department, Patrick joined the Offshore Oil and Gas Business with ETPM in 1974. He has been in charge of Structural Engineering and Design, and also Naval Architecture and floating objects as side disciplines. He ended his career with Acergy as Chief Engineer in Structures, and Engineering Development & Training Manager for the Expertise & Technical Department with Acergy in Suresnes. He is now running his own consultancy and training business. Patrick is a member of the Total Professor Associates and teaches Engineering in several Engineering Schools or Universities.

Jerôme CLAVE
Jérôme Clave provides companies managerial assistance on projects devoted to improve energy competitiveness and lowering carbon footprint. He has 30 years  professionnal experience on projects and full time missions with industrial groups in the petroleum and petrochemical  sectors such as Exxon Mobil, Cabot or Evonik. As head of a chemical plant he has put in place a carbon dioxide emission control and management system and initiated an energy recovery projects for reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Jérôme Clave holds a materials science engineering degree from  Ecole des Mines, an M.S. degree in materials science from University of Florida and an MBA from INSEAD

Born in 1945, graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Physique et chimie Industrielle de Paris (69). He worked during 25 years for Honeywell (process control leader) in implementation and supports of instrumentation and system for oil & gas plants (upstream, downstream). One of his main focuses was Turkey and Central Asia business development with leverage from support services (training, maintenance). Since 1987 he has been acting as a service business development project manager in the African Guinea gulf and in Central Asia for various companies including IPEDEX (during 4 years) and has been registered as European Consultant on PHARE & TACIS programs for energy. He is currently an independent consultant targeting training and support services projects in Africa and Central Asia.

Born in 1958, graduated engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1980) and Drilling /Reservoir Petroleum engineer from ENSPM (1981), fluent in English and Spanish, he has been working as sales & Marketing (General) manager for 20 years in Vallourec Group. He created in 2005 his own consulting company, SP2MARC, Steel Pipe and Petroleum Services, offering assistance in : -Sourcing and marketing steel pipes products ( OCTG, Line Pipe, boiler, heat exchanger tubes) and their ancillary products (fittings, bends, coating, valves and flanges) -International contact negociation, translation and drafting (for steel pipe goods and for exploration / production sharing agreements).-Trainingand lecture forindudtry in-house training programme.

Born in 1946, he has a wide experience in oil industry services, operations & maintenance, projects coordination and supervision, training management. Most of his career was spent overseas in the Middle East, Africa and South America, he has worked 11 years with FLOPETROL SCHLUMBERGER. He then joined GEOSERVICES for 12 years, and SCHLUMBERGER WL&T in 1995, acquiring a multidisciplinary experience in production services (Early production Facilities), projects engineering, construction and training. Freelance consultant since 2001, highly motivated to continue his career accepting expatriation. Languages are English, Spanish, and French.


IFG/ CESI/ Chemical Processing Engineering Lyon - GM of his own Consulting firm GROUPE REMY GEOFFRAY specialized in PILOT PLANTS for PROCESSING STUDIES with a wide scope of application: R&D but also VOCATIONAL TRAINING for initial Education as well as for on-going training.  Large scope of concerned industries: Refinery, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, , Bio-chemistry, Food processing ... Experienced in Feasibility study, Front End Engineering Design, Detailed Engineering, Project management, Implementation on site from the idea to Turn-Key according to international standards (IBC, NFPA, ISO, ASME,API, BS, AFNOR, DIN ,EC ...)  Close relation with Universities and Industries mainly in Middle East, India, France.

Born in 1956, graduated M.B.A. from IUM ( International Institute of Management ), Qualified IRCA auditor and trainor also inspector level 1 – Boilers & Pressure Vessels and qualified Cofrend X Ray & LPT. Has a wide experience in projects EPIC and EPC from 1978 in the world. Supervisor, area head, area manager, formative and auditor, for ELF Atochem, Exxon Chemical, Total, Mobil, NIOC, Sonatra, Petrobras. Since 1996 he worked in free lance QHSE Manager in several projects in Iran to manage Quality and HSE – perfect knowledge of codes norms and rules to plan and coordinate the activities for workers on the sites and assist managers at steering committee reviews – training, animation on the working groups. Other tasks : QRA, HAZOP, FMEA, creator of the software safety 5 M HF

Born in 1941, graduated engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (1965), MBA (Nantes, 1966), and PhD in Earth Sciences (Montpellier, 2008). He worked 18 years with Schlumberger, where he held technical commercial and managerial positions. Managed a data processing centre for log interpretation and created, then managed a school for log analysts. Has published several petrophysics and geology papers. His international experience is mainly in North and West Africa, Europe, and Asia. Has held management and consulting positions in computer service companies in USA and France. Presently Consultant in computer and oil services. 

Jean-Patrick NICAUD /
Born in 1953, graduated from ENSPM 1983. Since 1974 he has worked as a driller for the Oil industry in various countries . 12 years with drilling operations up to tool pusher’s level, offshore and onshore. Since 1988, he worked as an HSE adviser in charge of training and coordination of personnel. Since 1999, he has been employed as a Human Resource Manager involved in recruiting and training personel for the operations in Brasil (1200 persons). Most of his career was spent overseas he was involved in various new projects of development, especially in recruiting, training and integrating local personnel in various countries. Languages : French, English, spoken Portugese.

Patrick RABASA
Born in 1955,   Human Resources/Training (in English and/or French)/Project Coordination
-Certificate in Export Management and International Relations
-National Title of Professional Instructor
-Master Univ. degree in Human Sciences (option Work Environment)
As of 1981, worked in the oilfield as Marketing Services Manager for a major oil tools manufacturer (Europe, North Africa, UK, USA),
Project Purchasing Officer for a US drilling contractor (France, Kazakhstan, UAE) and  Human Resources Coordinator in Angola (4+ yr).
Very attentive to the influence of culture and social/political environment on human behaviour in international business relations."

Jean-Louis TEURLAI
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X 64) in 1966.  Has over 40 years experience in the oil industry, mainly in exploration activities.  Worked five years with CGG as Party Chief, then joined Shell for twenty seven years in geophysical data acquisition, seismic data interpretation, exploration management, HSE management, and E & P project management.  Has worked as consultant for the last ten years, managing projects related to geophysical acquisition, HSE and exploration.  Has worked in Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, and various other oil provinces. Is fluent and can work in French, English, Spanish and Russian.





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