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Christian AVERT

Christian Avert is a senior expert with more than 25 years of experience (SECOMAT Ingénierie Industrielle) in Oil & Gas (Upstream, natural gas transportation and storages facilities) through the projects and business development, with a complete knowledge of key market players (TOTAL and affiliates, GRTgaz, ENGIE, TEREGA / TIGF)) and associated ‘Good Engineering Practices’. Christian asked for to join us to be in touch with high skills engineers and managers to share know-how and information. Available to realized timeshare assistance or training (Home office – Pau, France / Front office) in project management (contract administration manual, project execution plan, …), business development (support for key accounts agreements, market studies, partnerships), engineering coordination, tendering of technical and commercial proposals (engineering, procurement services, consortium) or issuing specific technical deliverables.
Languages: English (professional) – French (Native) – Spanish (beginner)
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Civil Engineer graduated from ENPC (70), M. Sc. Stanford University (Calif. 71), CPA ( management diploma-Jouy 91). Has 32 years of experience in Offshore Field Development (with ETPM, McDermott-ETPM, Stolt Offshore). Held various positions as engineer, estimator, project and department manager, controller, in France and in Arabian – Persian Gulf, was Regional Manager (West Africa) ; then  was VP Strategic Planning & R&D with ETPM in Paris (97-99) ; Director of Technology (Stolt Offshore, London 2000) ; Chairman and GEO of Parangon Litwin SA and Director of Parangon Engineering Services Inc. in Houston (Engineering subsidiaries of Stolt Offshore 2001-2004). Offers management or consultancy services in Business Development, Operational Audits, Management of Major Projects or Affiliates, Strategy, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments, Training in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance in the Offshore Energy business.

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Born in 1951, graduated from ICAM Lille, France (75) in mechanical engineering. He has over 35 years experience in fuels and lubricants marketing and distribution in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. He mainly worked for MOBIL Oil, EXXONMOBIL then as consultant for PANOLIN AG (Switzerland), SWICORP (North Africa) and IFP School (France). His main areas of experience are in R&D, marketing, logistics and sales of mineral, synthetic and biodegradable lubricants. He currently provides training and expertise to existing or new lubricants operations in matured or emerging markets.

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Graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Physique et chimie Industrielle de Paris (69). He worked during 25 years for Honeywell (process control leader) in implementation and supports of instrumentation and system for oil & gas plants (upstream, downstream). One of his main focuses was Turkey and Central Asia business development with leverage from support services (training, maintenance). Since 1987 he has been acting as a service business development project manager in the African Guinea gulf and in Central Asia for various companies including IPEDEX (during 4 years) and has been registered as European Consultant on PHARE & TACIS programs for energy. He is currently an independent consultant targeting training and support services projects in Africa and Central Asia.

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Born in 1980, holds diplomas in both Resource Management (2002) from Turmen Oil and Gas University and Economics (2009) from Russian New University. Master of Science in Finance (2010) obtained at the University of Reading, UK. Since winter term 2011 has been working on a PhD dissertation at Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies. The research focuses on both economic and political aspects of Turkmen energy policy, particularly on the Eastern corridor of Turkmen gas export. Has been working in energy projects, including Inogate Project: Pipeline Network Information Systems in Central Asia. Offers management or consultancy services in business development, political and economic analysis and energy research.

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Jacques LE GOFF

Born in 1956, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X75) and ENSPM (IFP, 1979), worked 3 years as field engineer within SCHLUMBERGER WIRELINE LOGGING in Tierra del Fuego, South America. Since 1983, insurance surveyor : 15 years with ORCAL, and since 1999 within ERGET : warranty and claim surveys, loss adjustment, risk analysis, professional liability. Offshore works (mobile and fixed platforms, pipeline laying, towing, heavy lift…), drilling (oil & gas, geothermics…), marine activities (hull and machinery, P. & I.).

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Jean-Jacques LIMAGE

Aerospace engineer from University of Liege, Belgium (1965), degree in statistics from the ISUP (Paris, 1968), MS in Economics, London School of Economics (1974). After an international career as an economist , including 2 years as an advisor to the Finance Minister of Ivory Coast, switched to financial (investment) analysis in 1985. Has successfully worked for 20 years (until mid 2000) with stockbrokers in Paris. He specialises in oil and oilfield service companies, both large and small, listed or not on the stock market. Keeps on doing the same as an independent analyst, targeting the smaller companies of the sector. He can help them for  jobs for which they would not like to refer to a banker, still less an investment banker : financial studies, communication policy, market research.

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Jean-Louis RICK

Has a background in Psychology from the Paris University (74). He worked during 35 years for Ipedex and Spie Oil & Gas Services in Selection & Assessment of personnel, Training projects and Human Resources Management & Consulting for National & International Oil & Gas companies, energy (power plants) and Mines, mainly in Africa, but also in Central Asia, Middle & Far East. He is focusing on the influence of culture and social environment on Company’ development. He is currently an independent consultant targeting training and HR services projects in Africa. He is working in French, English and Portuguese. »

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Born 1955. Chemical Engineer from ESCOM Paris (1978), Post-graduate diploma in finance from IAE Paris (1987), Financial Analyst certificate (1989). After a career as a chemical engineer during 10 years (DSM Resins), switched to financial (investment) analysis in 1988. Has worked for 24 years (until May 2012) with Société Générale (Paris and London) in the investment banking. He specializes in oil companies, mainly large ones listed on the stock market, as well as main macro trends such as oil and gas markets evolution. He has been ranked many times as an individual and as a team amongst best financial analyst in Europe. He can help both big and small companies in the sector on their strategic evolution decisions. He can help oil companies on their communication policy as well as on their market research.

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Born in 1958, graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris (81) and in Petroleum Economics from IFP School (83). Worked in the upstream sector on a wide range of projects for governments, oil companies and consulting firms. Contributed to implement one of the first progressive (R factor type) fiscal regimes. Analysis and economic modeling of upstream projects, risk analysis, training.

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