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Jacques DALODE

Graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris (1972) and from ENSPM (1974). Worked as project supervisor, reservoir engineer, production engineer. Broad experience in field development and production, encompassing various positions as commercial manager, production manager, operations manager and general manager in Norway and West Africa. Since 1996, independent consultant in reservoir engineering, production engineering and production sharing agreements.

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Jean-Pierre LILLO

Graduated from ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers : Aix 165). Worked 8 years for the petrochemical industry has mechanical and process engineer and then 20 years in the Exploration Production for ELF and then TOTAL. Held various positions in the production and development directions. Involved as process leader, commissioning and start-up assistant manager for numerous offshore and onshore projects (ZUIDWAL/Holland, ELGIN FRANKLIN/UK, … DOLPHIN/Qatar). He took part of the operators training of these projects before and during plants start-up. Has also managed the process/method and production department in France and Gabon.Has a wide experience in raw gas treatment, Gas and liquid sweetening, Sulphur recovery, Dehydration, LPG extraction, Oil treatment …. process machinery operation.

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Has a wide experience in oil industry services, operations & maintenance, projects coordination and supervision, training management. Most of his career was spent overseas in the Middle East, Africa and South America, he has worked 11 years with FLOPETROL SCHLUMBERGER. He then joined GEOSERVICES for 12 years, and SCHLUMBERGER WL&T in 1995, acquiring a multidisciplinary experience in production services (Early production Facilities), projects engineering, construction and training. Freelance consultant since 2001, highly motivated to continue his career accepting expatriation. Languages are English, Spanish, and French.

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Philippe LABAT

Born in 1953, graduated engineer from Ecole Polytechnique Paris (73) and ENSPM (77). He has 25 years of experience as a production engineer and operations manager of oil producing companies. He has a wide experience of artificial lift, water injection and production operations. He developed a good experience of money-making with small to medium size oilfields (1 000 to 10 000 barrels a day), staff management including recruitment, training and termination, health safety and environment. He also has a good knowledge of oil contracts (production sharing, joint operating agreements) and economics (assets evaluation, purchase and sales).

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Graduated engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (1965), MBA (Nantes, 1966), and PhD in Earth Sciences (Montpellier, 2008). He worked 18 years with Schlumberger, where he held technical commercial and managerial positions. Managed a data processing centre for log interpretation and created, then managed a school for log analysts. Has published several petrophysics and geology papers. His international experience is mainly in North and West Africa, Europe, and Asia. Has held management and consulting positions in computer service companies in USA and France. Presently Consultant in computer and oil services.

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après 30 ans dans l’Oil & Gas (deep offshore, rigs, refineries, petrochemical plants) a créé sa société spécialisée dans la conduite globale de grands projets industriels. Elle s’organise autour de trois métiers : La gestion de projet / la construction d’ouvrages et des biens industriels à fort contenu technologique / les services dont la maintenance industrielle et le développement numérique des entreprises (technologie et changement d’organisation).


Dr Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux has over thirty five years of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry. He holds an Engineer Degree from Ecole Centrale in Lyon, France, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and a Docteur Ingenieur degree in Physical Oceanography from the University of Paris. Dr Saint-Marcoux has published over sixty papers and is the inventor of some ten patents on deepwater risers and heat transfer of flowlines. After having been topsides engineer and department manager, he became the manager of engineering for ETPM in Paris in 1992. Afterwards he was the corporate manager of Conceptual Engineering in Houston for Stolt Offshore, Paragon Engineering, and Acergy and the Corporate Manager of R&D for Acergy in London. Later he became the Director of Engineering Expertise overseeing Communities of Excellence at Subsea 7 in Paris, and since 1996 he focused on deepwater. He has lead several SURF projects expert committees: Girassol, Bonga, Greater Plutonio, Erha, and Guara Lula. Retiring from Subsea 7,  he is now an active consultant.

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