Turkmenistan-China Gas Pipeline

The East Corridor of Turkmen Gas Export The_Caspian_region_gas_pipeline_prospects_light

Background : (from meeting Paris July 11th 2014 (organised by the Chamber of Commerce Franco Turkmen)

While Turkmengas is the operator of Galkynysh plant, the engineering has been contracted to : Petrofac (1st phase, completed), CNPC (2nd phase started up late 2013),  Hyundai (3rd phase). It is predictable that the number (15.000) of technician currently working on the construction of the plant will start to decrease in a couple of years, while their training will decrease already in the coming months, leaving partially unoccupied the Training Facility put in place by Petrofac for their erection contract.
Although this Training Center is the ideal place (equipment, teachers, location) to train the Turkmengas operation/maintenance staff, It is not sure that it has been used (and still used) on this purpose. The example of Kashagan (Kazakhstan) shows that if the decision to refocus the training center is not done while it’s still at high level of usage, it will be very difficult to do so afterwards.    The Franco Turkmen Chamber of Commerce should be involved to assess the current situation and recommend/coach the implementation of optimised training scenari taking benefit of the existing Petrofac training center with the objective to train significant part of the 3000 technician that have to be hired and trained every year”.

CFT_Turkmenistan.pdf  (English presentation) CFT Turkmenistan_simple

CFT_TurkmenistanRU.pdf  (Russian presentation) CFT Turkmenistan_simpleRU

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