Study on skill requirements for the future Energy Training Centre of Saint Louis, Senegal

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11 March 2020
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24 April 2021

Study on skill requirements for the future Energy Training Centre of Saint Louis, Senegal

This is a study project conducted, during the 3rd quarter of 2020, by the partnership of two ACP partner members: Apave (subsidiary in Senegal) and PEC (Pro Educ Consultants)

Main objectives:

Project to Support the Development of Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Promising Sectors (PDCEJ)

This training centre will enable the country to respond quickly to the need for qualified human resources, which are essential for their energy sector, linked, mainly, to its ongoing or identified projects for the production of hydrocarbons and LNG. It will also make it possible, in the longer term, to support the developments induced by the industrial use (conversion of power stations to gas) as well as sectoral/individual gas (gas network and infrastructure). The mining industry, highly developed in the country, is also a major consumer of energy and a major employer, could also benefit from the training centre’s ability to develop technical skills.


African Development Bank: 4 million euros

Contact: Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (PDCEJ)

Work carried out by the PEC experts:

Methodologically, the approach initially involves defining and quantifying current and future needs, as precise and reliable as possible.

The data already available have been refined by using the framing documents of the project and its partners, as required.

We added these basic data into requirements, through a targeted survey (with an explanatory letter and a questionnaire). This letter was sent to the HR managers of the 30 main companies in the “Oil, Gas and Allied Industry” sector in Senegal, in order to obtain the latest estimates of their need sfor qualified human resources for each targeted company.

In a second step, all the validated data allowed the realization of a guidance and validation document, also serving as a guide to investments in real estate and equipment of the training centre dedicated to the trades / positions of the Oil, Gas and related industries. The fact of extending the perimeter of the training centre to industries with the same requirements, and including industries participating in the energy transition, and also in mining activity, will allow the sustainability of the training centre and a reconciliation of the financial balance.

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