SAFIER Ingenierie 2021

Independant international structural naval architecture moorings anchors umbilicals pipelines cross-energy engineering technical solutions consultancy – PARIS LONDON DAKAR SHANGHAI SPAIN.

Community human values company worldwide.

Enablers of ENERGY renewables fossils nuclear hydro hydrogen future

Concept design, analysis expertise checking R&D innovations for all phases of a project who work in partnership with our clients to achieve safe economic projects – worldwide – mostly in the offshore, petrochemical, renewables, industrial sectors.

We are specifically recognised world-wide in the fields of offshore, subsea, FPSO, FLNG marine pipelines, naval architecture, steel, concrete, extending structure life, decommissioning existing platforms, renewable energy, earthquake, blast, fatigue engineering and onshore structural innovative engineering for landmark structures and floating islands and floating submerged tunnels and fixed floating wind farms, floating hydrogen hubs.

R&D innovations projects leading to code compliance for safe economic industrialisation is enabled using our unique in-house innovation tool proven over many years.

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