Seminar Decarbonation of Energies 28 Sept 2022


“Decarbonation of Energies: challenges and realities” Wednesday, September 28, 2019 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Hôtel de l’industrie, Paris 6th, in préparation of the COP 27 (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Novembre 2022).

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On the program

➔ Carbon-based vs other energies and ongoing changes in the carbon-based energy industry – (Patrick PORTOLANO)
➔ Neutral or carbon-negative energy production methods  
  • Financing significantly R&D programs on CCS et les biogeoreactors
➔ Detoxifying the economy away from fossil fuels
  • Lowering the carbon intensity of produced fossil fuels. Leveraging the existing or idle infrastructure for geothermal production or energy storage. Production of energy transition metals
➔ Empowering fossil fuel producers
  • Economic concepts and tools to channel the industrial power of fossil fuel producers in the realization of the energy transition.
  • Scenarios illustrating the possible economic or political impact of their implementation.
➔ Engage decision-makers and influencers in the fight against climate change key issues such as the challenges of the energy transition in Africa or the Middle East and how they differ from those of Europe, China or America.
➔ Conclusion : Messages to pass on to the influencers of COP 27
A discussion will then begin with the audience on what proposals could be made by French and European or other countries political decision-makers, industries, NGOs and climate funds to increase the chances that operational decisions with immediate effect on the climate will be taken at COP27.

Speakers :

  • Louis HEUZE, Président ACP Energies,
  • Jean-Louis GAILLARD, Vice-Président ACP Energies
  • Patrick PORTOLANO: Conseil en investissement Energies/Métaux et Expert Hydrogène
  • Paul MATHIS, Ingénieur agronome et expert bioénergies
  • Laurent NICOLAS, Directeur Subsurface Lithium de France
  • Myles ALLEN : Climatologist participating in the work of the IPCC – University of Oxford
  • Margriet KUIJPER, CCS Expert (Carbone Capture Sequestration)
  • Hugh RICHARDS, Geoscience expert and climate activist
  • Jean-Pierre FAVENNEC, Spécialiste en relations internationales et économie politique
  • Akil ZAIMI, Spécialiste en fiscalité et économie pétrolière
  • Malika ELASSILI, Ingénieur conseil en décarbonisation

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