R&D Innovation, WEPLOT

R&D Innovation, WEPLOT simplifies well logs visualization and geoscience collaboration




Edmond Ngalemo, a member of ACP Energies creates a geoscience collaboration platform optimized for the web.

Platform website: https://davizo.com/weplot

Explainer video: https://youtu.be/LUmABDxbzg4

Brochure: https://davizo.com/weplot/wpldoc/WePlOt-brochure-EN.pdf


With WEPLOT, it is no longer necessary to send PDF documents or images by email. The user creates a project, then imports the data from his computer or tablet and creates well logs online. He can then share the project with his network, which will be able to access the data and the logs anywhere and on any device.


WEPLOT can be used by anyone who needs to have access to logs, and who does not need advanced processing: oil operators, drillers, consultants, companies that offer well logging services.


Application examples

  • Well profile visualization while drilling: the logs of the geological evaluation are directly transmitted online to the project owner who can consult them online and make decisions in real time.
  • A consultant accesses the data on the fly, annotates the plots and shares his opinion with the users connected to the project.

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