Digital event: Algeria Mission 2021/2022

Update of December 11, 2022:

The sanitary situation is prompting us to review our roadmap as we had forecasted at the end of 2020, relating the March NAPEC postponed to September and then November 2021.

The digital event on the day of September 29, 2021 (replacing the NAPEC also postponed), was a technical conference and 5 workshops,  setup by French and Algerian consultants and companies (including Total).

Update of October 8, 2021: The health situation oblige us to review our roadmap, as discussed at the end of 2020 with a view to the March NAPEC postponed to September then to November 2021.

-The first step was the organisation of the digital event on the September 29th, (in the place of the postponed NAPEC).

This step on zoom webinar was based on a technical conference and workshops (on the 5 main topics below) will allow a first exchange/discussion between players in the sector, thus providing an alternative to companies unable / unwilling to travel to Algeria to that time.

The link to the replayévènement_digital_mission_collective_algérie

-The second face-to-face step, if possible at Hassi Messaoud NAPEC in 2022, would see the launch of Franco-Algerian project groups addressing the 5 key topics (mentioned during the 1st stage).

Initial objective of the mission in Algeria:

A few highlights about this mission:

  • Accelerate the Franco-Algerian collaboration in the Energy sector around 5 key themes
  • Solarisation of oil production facilities
  • Reduction of flared gas
  • Improvement rate recovery of oilfields
  • Hydrogen
  • Development of Algerian industries

The mission will last 2 and a half day (2 nights in country) with the option of staying another day and a half

Place: Hassi Messaoud during the NAPEC (North African Petroleum Exhibition and Conference)

NAPEC 2021 (

Main targets

  • Mobilise the key actors of the Franco-Algerian O&G ecosystem in the face of the need to act
  • Find new areas of development for the French O&G and Oil service industry
  • Strengthen/develop/initiate a sustainable partnership with Algeria in the field of energy
  • Define a roadmap with ALGERIA on common priorities
  • Facilitate the development of local content in Algeria by facilitating the development of closer ties between companies and partnerships between French and Algerian entities

After 3 years of work and communications concerning the Local Content of Algeria and the possible/necessary transformation of its energy industry, the ACP wishes to be a strong source of proposal by organizing a collective mission to  Algeria in Autumn 2021.

This mission would be integrated into the NAPEC conference in Oran (27-30 September 2021) if the health situation allows it to do so.

Or the mission will be the subject of a seminar in Algiers with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Renewable Energies and Energy Transition, the Sonatrach, TotalEnergies …  covering the technical highlighted subjects as mentioned above.

The main contact is Mr Jean-Pierre MARIACCIA    Tel + 33 6 83 70 66 91

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