Forum – Friday 27th of January 2023


ACP Energies for its 30th anniversary!


Forum – Friday 27th of January 2023


The forum was very interesting with the intervention of the guests (Total Energie on Local Content and the energy transition), members of our Decarbonation Group, partner members (Training, Digital for Local Content) of our Mining Group and other members ( Case study Local Content Ghana)


Amphithéâtre de l’Ecole d’Arts 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,

3 rue du Prince Eugène Rueil Malmaison France


9:00 Reception: meeting with guests

-9:30 Forum, Chairman’s speech (2022 review and 2023 outlook), Presentation of speakers

10:00 Group A – Local Content :

-REX Ghana (Petroleum & mines)                                                          Jean Louis Gaillard

Stratégy & detail Approch of Local Content                  Vincent Nicolini Total Energies

Business incubation tool                                          Jean Pierre Mariaccia/ Convergence


10:40 Group B Training

Training “Tout au Long de la Vie”, and Energy Transition                         Bernard Gros


11:30 Group C Mines

-Presentation of Potash Mines in Congo                                                  Jean Louis Gaillard

REX Minerals Commission Ghana                               Jean Pierre Mariaccia/ Convergence


11:00 Group D Decarbonization

Climat/ COP28/ Geological Carbon Neutrality                                         Patrick Portolano

REX decarbonization Ghana                                                                             Malika El Assili

Group H2-CO2  Visions CCUS                                                                         Yves Friedmann

Low Carbon Hydrogen Technologies                                                         Jean Pascal Biaggi


12:30 The 10 commandments of the energy transition

-Présentation of his last book                                          Philippe Charlez Total Energies


12:45 Lunch



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