Second Meeting of the ACP Energies Mining Group, June 8, 2023

10 May 2023

Second Meeting of the ACP Energies Mining Group, June 8, 2023

Thank you to the 16 participants (Ecole des Mines, Société Industrie Minérale, energy and mining companies and consultants)

See attached the complete report with the presentation of the participants and opportunities to follow:

-Gabon E3MG Ecole des Mines et de la Metallurgie de Moanda Eramet/Comilog.-Mission of Pro Educ Consultants in 2021)

With the former project manager and director of the School, who became a Mining consultant in Moanda


-Senegal by Issa Ndoye

Higher School of Mines, Geology and Environment of the UAM in Diamniadio

Mining Hub in preparation, (transport infrastructure, storage, transformation, geographical concentration)

Precious Metals (largely Artisanal gold mines), Base Metals (Iron, Copper, Chromium, Nickel),

Industrial Minerals (ICS phosphates, phosphate Cayor engineering project underway by TechnipEnergies),

Heavy Minerals: Grande Côte Opérations (GCO) mineral sands mine  Eramet

Building Materials, Sococim cement works.


-Algeria by Tayeb Manaa (see video Ali Kifaifi Mining Expert )

National School of Mines and Metallurgy Amar Laskri – Annaba

Annaba Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, License Master Doctorate.

Huge reserves (see Ali Kifaifi video, referenced above)

-A large mining-steel industry complex: mines in the South-East of the country with a training center (Institut des Mines) in Tebassa. Steel industry in Annaba

-The Integrated Phosphates Project (PPI) under construction, start-up within 4 years with production of 6 million tons of phosphate products annually. ASMIDAL (subsidiary of Sonatrach, future operator of the PPI based in Annaba), MANAL and two Chinese companies.

The project will enable the creation of approximately 12,000 jobs in the construction phase and in the long term, in the operating phase, approximately 6,000 direct jobs and 24,000 indirect jobs.


-Congo by JLG

Kola Potash see  and

Potash mines Kola Project and Dougou DX project in Pointe Noire

The Kola project will be carried out by EPC SEPCO China and its engineering subcontractor Mines ENFI China. Construction should start in 2023. During the construction phase, around 2,000 technicians should be mobilized and 1,000 during operation.

It is urgent to carry out a mini feasibility study covering the specification of the curriculum, the building, the equipment, their costs and financing with the aim of launching the construction and supplies at the end of 2023


-Ghana (Jean Pierre Mariaccia Convergence)

TVET training programs for all TVET’s

Capacity building for ASM in Ghana, HSE

Solarization of ASM mines in Ghana. pilot mine

-Forum Convergence June 26 11am News 2023 & Cases Study Mining sector in Africa

– Business meetings Africa Mining 7 & 8 Nov 2023 hybrid webinar (by Convergence)

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