ACP Energies Identity

Who are we?

The ACP Energies Association gather Energy specialists that aims to bring together, inform and promote them in all areas of the energy sector. The ACP Energies has become a place of reflection offering strong proposals on the low-carbon transition of the oil and gas industry.

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What we do?

  • Create a communication network between specialised consultants
  • Exchange information on business opportunities and industry events
  • Encourage proactive collaboration between professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines
  • Promote the image of independent consultants
  • Maintain strong relationships and contacts with other associations in the same areas of activity
  • Participate in the development and operation of Oil & Gas fields with international companies
  • Support  Oil & Gas companies in their training projects by bringing the extensive experiences of senior experts

By post mail at the following address

ACP Energies Association

9, rue du Gué



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