16 June 2023

Second Meeting of the ACP Energies Mining Group, June 8, 2023

Thank you to the 16 participants (Ecole des Mines, Société Industrie Minérale, energy and mining companies and consultants) See attached the complete report with the presentation of the participants and opportunities to follow: -Gabon E3MG Ecole des Mines et de la Metallurgie de Moanda Eramet/Comilog.-Mission of Pro Educ Consultants in 2021) https://www.acp-france.org/2021/05/30/ecole-des-mines-de-moanda/ With the former project manager and director of the School, who became a Mining consultant in Moanda   -Senegal by Issa Ndoye https://minesgeologie.gouv.sn/node/93 Higher School of Mines, Geology and Environment of the UAM in Diamniadio Mining Hub in preparation, (transport infrastructure, storage, transformation, geographical concentration) Precious Metals (largely Artisanal gold mines), Base Metals (Iron, Copper, Chromium, Nickel), Industrial Minerals (ICS phosphates, phosphate Cayor engineering project underway by TechnipEnergies), Heavy Minerals: Grande Côte Opérations (GCO) mineral sands mine  Eramet Building Materials, Sococim cement works.   -Algeria by Tayeb Manaa (see video Ali Kifaifi Mining Expert https://youtu.be/ySCXcy56wrw ) National School of Mines and Metallurgy Amar Laskri – Annaba Annaba Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, License Master Doctorate. Huge reserves (see Ali Kifaifi video, referenced above) -A large mining-steel industry complex: mines in the South-East of the country with a training center (Institut des Mines) in Tebassa. Steel industry in Annaba […]
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10 May 2023


  Participation of ACP Energies in the Rufisque Senegal Forum (2nd edition at CICAD) on the occasion of a partnership with the “Ile de France” region from April 25 to 28, 2023 Topics: “Investment Opportunities & Strategies and Jobs & Training in the energy sectors” with the aim of identifying and sharing industrial, energy, ecological potential… and to assess employment opportunities for young people, in particular concerning jobs under pressure and new jobs   Conferences of 3 members :   Issa-Diop Ndoye Project Manager Sahel, Metiers petrole & gaz Patrick Portolano Manager of EOSYS, Rufisque_Transition-Energetique Jean Louis Gaillard, ACPE  Vice Président, Pilote Rufisque Emploi Jeunes   Expected insights :   -Identification and sharing of the potentialities of the department on the industrial, energy, heritage, ecological level -Assessment of investment opportunities in priority sectors, -Discussion on job opportunities for young people, in particular concerning new jobs in the energy sector -Validation of a new initiative (see above the conference “Rufisque Pilot Project for Youth Employment”)  
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14 April 2023

H2-CO2 Networking – Thursday 23th 2023

Several members of the H2-CO2 group led by Patrick Portolano (Eosys) met remotely on Thursday 23/2 at 6 p.m. with presentations / discussions around the following topics:   – review of the Hyvolution show and fundamentals of the H2 market and infrastructure: it appears that although many announcements are made and many R&D projects are launched, commercial demand linked to a hydrogen market seems to be confined to clusters of heavy industries, such as refineries, fertilizer plants, smelters, cement factories etc. Tax incentives in the US also seem to be giving pulse to a greater number of smaller and more distributed blue H2 projects in their territory (thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, bioethanol production)   – short/long-term safety of oil and gas wells (Louis Heuzé): a discussion took place on the corrosion and long-term behavior of plugs and completions of old or new wells on CO2 sequestration sites. Is this risk currently underestimated by the promoters of geological CO2 sequestration? Can we imagine well cancelled procedures with zero risk of leakage for thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands of years? If not, shouldn’t we rather favor CCS projects that allow: rapid CO2 mineralization or dissolution in the aquifer before […]
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11 February 2023

Forum – Friday 27th of January 2023

  ACP Energies for its 30th anniversary!   Forum – Friday 27th of January 2023   The forum was very interesting with the intervention of the guests (Total Energie on Local Content and the energy transition), members of our Decarbonation Group, partner members (Training, Digital for Local Content) of our Mining Group and other members ( Case study Local Content Ghana)  
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9 January 2023


  ACP Energies attendance to the 1st edition of the GOPC conference (Ghana Oil & Power Conference)              for a panel discussion in digital format on November 30, 2022 on the topic : “DECARBONIZATION: LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ENERGY TRANSITION” with the aim of identifying areas of collaboration and synergies in knowledge sharing, capacity building and best practices between European and Ghanaian companies.   Link to Ghana’s videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAsfY25ur3A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKux8-U_Iss   Main objectives: Initiate dialogue on the 2021 and 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP 26 & 27) and take-aways for the African continent Lessons on energy decarbonisation and decarbonisation strategies and technologies and how they can be implemented on the continent Identify key decarbonization technologies that can assist companies in the oil and gas and energy sectors reduce their carbon footprint Investment in low-carbon infrastructure? and new technologies in nuclear, hydro, geothermal, solar, solar PV, wind and tide. Develop B2B and B2G partnerships based on local content requirements   Areas of discussion: Rationale and need for sub-Saharan Africa to decarbonize and maintain sustainable energy sources (reducing carbon footprint and meeting emissions targets) COP 26: African states transitioning away from fossil fuels and promote the development of less carbon-intensive economies […]
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11 December 2022

Digital event: Algeria Mission 2021/2022

Update of December 11, 2022: The sanitary situation is prompting us to review our roadmap as we had forecasted at the end of 2020, relating the March NAPEC postponed to September and then November 2021. The digital event on the day of September 29, 2021 (replacing the NAPEC also postponed), was a technical conference and 5 workshops,  setup by French and Algerian consultants and companies (including Total). Update of October 8, 2021: The health situation oblige us to review our roadmap, as discussed at the end of 2020 with a view to the March NAPEC postponed to September then to November 2021. -The first step was the organisation of the digital event on the September 29th, (in the place of the postponed NAPEC). This step on zoom webinar was based on a technical conference and workshops (on the 5 main topics below) will allow a first exchange/discussion between players in the sector, thus providing an alternative to companies unable / unwilling to travel to Algeria to that time. The link to the replay : http://lp.convergence.link/évènement_digital_mission_collective_algérie -The second face-to-face step, if possible at Hassi Messaoud NAPEC in 2022, would see the launch of Franco-Algerian project groups addressing the 5 key topics (mentioned […]
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9 December 2022

R&D Innovation, WEPLOT

R&D Innovation, WEPLOT simplifies well logs visualization and geoscience collaboration       Edmond Ngalemo, a member of ACP Energies creates a geoscience collaboration platform optimized for the web. Platform website: https://davizo.com/weplot Explainer video: https://youtu.be/LUmABDxbzg4 Brochure: https://davizo.com/weplot/wpldoc/WePlOt-brochure-EN.pdf   With WEPLOT, it is no longer necessary to send PDF documents or images by email. The user creates a project, then imports the data from his computer or tablet and creates well logs online. He can then share the project with his network, which will be able to access the data and the logs anywhere and on any device.   WEPLOT can be used by anyone who needs to have access to logs, and who does not need advanced processing: oil operators, drillers, consultants, companies that offer well logging services.   Application examples Well profile visualization while drilling: the logs of the geological evaluation are directly transmitted online to the project owner who can consult them online and make decisions in real time. A consultant accesses the data on the fly, annotates the plots and shares his opinion with the users connected to the project.
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9 September 2022

Seminar Decarbonation of Energies 28 Sept 2022

record “Decarbonation of Energies: challenges and realities” Wednesday, September 28, 2019 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Hôtel de l’industrie, Paris 6th, in préparation of the COP 27 (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Novembre 2022). Inscription at https://lp.convergence.link/acp-decarbonation-of-energies On the program ➔ Carbon-based vs other energies and ongoing changes in the carbon-based energy industry – (Patrick PORTOLANO) ➔ Neutral or carbon-negative energy production methods   Financing significantly R&D programs on CCS et les biogeoreactors ➔ Detoxifying the economy away from fossil fuels Lowering the carbon intensity of produced fossil fuels. Leveraging the existing or idle infrastructure for geothermal production or energy storage. Production of energy transition metals ➔ Empowering fossil fuel producers Economic concepts and tools to channel the industrial power of fossil fuel producers in the realization of the energy transition. Scenarios illustrating the possible economic or political impact of their implementation. ➔ Engage decision-makers and influencers in the fight against climate change key issues such as the challenges of the energy transition in Africa or the Middle East and how they differ from those of Europe, China or America. ➔ Conclusion : Messages to pass on to the influencers of COP 27 A discussion will then begin with the […]
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