5 November 2021

Low-carbon transition of the hydrocarbon industry with the use of hydrogen

Proposal for a simple and effective resolution at COP26 “Geological Net Zero”: A proposal for a simple and globally effective international agreement on fossil carbon Hydrogen and the Hydrocarbon Industry: “Webinaire-ACP-du-30-Novembre-2020-by-Convergence” An audience of over 70 participants: ACP members and qualified individuals from the oil, gas and hydrogen sector were invited. Recording of the conference: https://youtu.be/xL43_obKUTc . see also the interview of Patrick Portolano at the Ecofin agency https://www.agenceecofin.com/hydrocarbures/2310-81675-entretien-comment-les-pays-africains-pourraient-tirer-profit-de-l-hydrogene-naturel   Synopsis The hydrocarbon industry is currently facing a systemic change that affects its very foundations. The entire oil chain is being impacted. What are the changes already underway and what are the likely developments? What are the risks and opportunities for oil, gas and hydrogen specialists?   Speakers: – Jean-Pierre FAVENNEC, Professor IFP School, Sciences Po, Dauphine, President ADEA – Yves FRIEDMANN, Consulting engineer in pipeline design and engineering – Jean-Louis GAILLARD, President of ACP, Association des Consultants Pétroliers – Bernard GROS, Lecturer and researcher at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse – Issa-Diop NDOYE, International Expert in development strategies and policies – Patrick PORTOLANO, Founder and Director of EOSYS, geosciences engineering – Akil ZAIMI, Consulting Engineer in Oil Economics   Low Carbon Transition Hydrocarbon Industry with Hydrogen   Objective […]
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2 June 2021

For a responsible circular approach to carbon accounting by the fossil industries

Principle “For a responsible circular approach to carbon accounting by the fossil industries” To have a supranational resolution adopted at COP 26 aimed at making the initial producers of fossil carbon (gas, oil, coal) responsible for the life cycle of the extracted carbon. -> Each ton of fossil carbon extracted must correspond to another ton of biospheric carbon geologically immobilized at the same time. Countries and companies that produce fossil carbon are responsible for returning equivalent amounts of carbon extracted underground. Failing to do so themselves, they entrust this to specialized providers or they transfer this responsibility to buyers of their products. presn_reflexion_upstream_CO2_indicator_en
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30 May 2021


30th May 2021 PROEDUC CONSULTANTS   and ACP Members      Remy GEOFFRAY* – Bernard GROS*   As part of the training initiatives, PROEDUC CONSULTANTS has obtained two contracts that were carried out respectively in November 2016 and in the second phase in June 2018, July 2019 and January 2021 on behalf of “L’ECOLE DES MINES ET DE LA METALLURGIE DE MOANDA (E3MG) resulting from a close collaboration between COMILOG and the Government of Gabon. (COMILOG, La Compagnie Minière de l’Ogooué , is an ERAMET group)   COMILOG operates one of the world’s largest manganese deposits and has just commissioned a new manganese metal manufacturing unit with a potential production of 30 t/day of metal.   COMILOG needs engineers to constantly improve and maintain its production organisation in a country with complicated and erratic logistics. COMILOG has therefore decided to recruit and train the best students in the area to meet its objectives. All training courses in Process Engineering are provided in French, by the École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie Chimique de Nancy. The Laboratoire / Atelier GENIE DES PROCEDES is equipped with French material by a company based in Lyon, managed by a former student of ENSIC. This company has […]
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24 April 2021

HSE News May 2021

ACCIDENTS ARE ALL PROCESSES!              MURPHY’s Law and the others … Science is the Truth. Don’t be fooled by the facts … Any solution brings new problems … Anything that is likely to go wrong will go wrong. First the troubles add up, then they multiply … If there are at least two ways of doing something and at least one of these ways can lead to disaster, there is bound to be someone somewhere to go down that road. All possible mistakes have been made. We think about how to make others possible!   Remy Geoffray presentation on accidentology All companies suffer serious accidents that deeply destabilize their organizations. Analyses of these accidents should make it possible to determine their causes, to learn and to share the lessons to be learned in order to prevent their recurrence. Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur despite an overall improvement in the level of security. Energy major companies regularly compare their methods, standards and results accumulated over several years in order to continuously improve the safety of their operations. Through this collaborative approach, as well as external audits conducted in accordance with internationally recognized protocols, best practices are identified and shared across the industry. […]
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7 November 2020

Study on skill requirements for the future Energy Training Centre of Saint Louis, Senegal

This is a study project conducted, during the 3rd quarter of 2020, by the partnership of two ACP partner members: Apave (subsidiary in Senegal) and PEC (Pro Educ Consultants) Main objectives: Project to Support the Development of Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Promising Sectors (PDCEJ) This training centre will enable the country to respond quickly to the need for qualified human resources, which are essential for their energy sector, linked, mainly, to its ongoing or identified projects for the production of hydrocarbons and LNG. It will also make it possible, in the longer term, to support the developments induced by the industrial use (conversion of power stations to gas) as well as sectoral/individual gas (gas network and infrastructure). The mining industry, highly developed in the country, is also a major consumer of energy and a major employer, could also benefit from the training centre’s ability to develop technical skills. Financing: African Development Bank: 4 million euros Contact: Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (PDCEJ) Work carried out by the PEC experts: Methodologically, the approach initially involves defining and quantifying current and future needs, as precise and reliable as possible. The data already available have been refined by using the framing […]
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11 March 2020

Offshore Wind Farms

After more than 25 years addressing the needs of oil & gas companies in terms of Owner & Contractor Assistance (specially in HSE offshore) our Association of Consultants in Petroleum and its members such as Apave, Safier, Eosys, ICAT… is expanding its scope of work to renewable energy (such as offshore wind farm, solar and Hydrogen). We are investigating the needs that we could serve to EDF and WPD for the current platform projects in France and abroad (example « Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm » project) Avec 3500 km de côtes, la France métropolitaine dispose du 2ème gisement de vent éolien d’Europe. Lancé avec prudence, le marché se développe maintenant à forte allure. Les premiers projets, (Plateformes en cours de fabrication), seront installés à partir de 2022 (voir les 7 projets du premier bloc ci-dessous). La technologie éolien flottant (voir les 4 projets, 2ème bloc) sera testée dès 2021 pour donner lieu à des projets majeurs industriels (3ème bloc)
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10 May 2018


Forum : PARTICIPATIVE training in  IRAN Challenge & Opportunities (presentation leaflet in French) Samedi 23/6/2018 de 9h30 à 12h30 Auditorium Ecole d’Arts 3 rue Prince Eugène, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison L’Iran suscite un sentiment mêlé de méfiance et d’interrogation (S. Regnault)… et en même temps une forte opportunité basée sur l’appétence des techniciens iraniens vers l’expertise et la technologie occidentale. Le projet South Pars mené par Total au début des années 2000 y a laissé une trace d’indélébile de modèle de transfert de technologie auprès d’un millier de spécialistes qui ont gravi les échelons de leur organisation. Programme en cours de finalisation avec la participation de – Sébastien Régnault, docteur/chercheur sciences sociales, écrivain : La Modernité Iranienne, – Christian Augé responsable du lancement et de l’opération du centre de formation Total South Pars Présentation 23 juin C Augé – Roland Abiar Directeur GEC Management (contrat de formation HSE en cours auprès du MOP Iranien) autres intervenants en cours de confirmation Participation, à la conférence gratuite avec inscription préalable exigée, par courriel à l’Association des Consultants Pétroliers. contact@acp-france.org  
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