3 June 2021

SAFIER Ingenierie 2021

Independant international structural naval architecture moorings anchors umbilicals pipelines cross-energy engineering technical solutions consultancy – PARIS LONDON DAKAR SHANGHAI SPAIN. Community human values company worldwide. Enablers of ENERGY renewables fossils nuclear hydro hydrogen future Concept design, analysis expertise checking R&D innovations for all phases of a project who work in partnership with our clients to achieve safe economic projects – worldwide – mostly in the offshore, petrochemical, renewables, industrial sectors. We are specifically recognised world-wide in the fields of offshore, subsea, FPSO, FLNG marine pipelines, naval architecture, steel, concrete, extending structure life, decommissioning existing platforms, renewable energy, earthquake, blast, fatigue engineering and onshore structural innovative engineering for landmark structures and floating islands and floating submerged tunnels and fixed floating wind farms, floating hydrogen hubs. R&D innovations projects leading to code compliance for safe economic industrialisation is enabled using our unique in-house innovation tool proven over many years.
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30 May 2021


30th May 2021 PROEDUC CONSULTANTS   and ACP Members      Remy GEOFFRAY* – Bernard GROS*   As part of the training initiatives, PROEDUC CONSULTANTS has obtained two contracts that were carried out respectively in November 2016 and in the second phase in June 2018, July 2019 and January 2021 on behalf of “L’ECOLE DES MINES ET DE LA METALLURGIE DE MOANDA (E3MG) resulting from a close collaboration between COMILOG and the Government of Gabon. (COMILOG, La Compagnie Minière de l’Ogooué , is an ERAMET group)   COMILOG operates one of the world’s largest manganese deposits and has just commissioned a new manganese metal manufacturing unit with a potential production of 30 t/day of metal.   COMILOG needs engineers to constantly improve and maintain its production organisation in a country with complicated and erratic logistics. COMILOG has therefore decided to recruit and train the best students in the area to meet its objectives. All training courses in Process Engineering are provided in French, by the École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie Chimique de Nancy. The Laboratoire / Atelier GENIE DES PROCEDES is equipped with French material by a company based in Lyon, managed by a former student of ENSIC. This company has […]
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24 May 2021

R&D Innovation The Blue Farm (SAFIER Engineering)

Development and demonstration of an automated, modular and environmentally friendly multi-functional floating modular platform for open sea farm installations of the Blue Growth Industry Fish farming, Wind Wave energy generation, Energy stockage. H2020 GA 774253 European project developed by European companies including Safier Engineering, one of our 12 Partner members. Our association from now on offers to the whole energy sector its expertise which has been dedicated for more than 25 years in the oil & gas sector.It is the time to give visibility of this new direction putting our expertise deployment in the Renewable Energy such as Hydrogen energy vector, wind farms onshore/offshore, solar plant, Institute IFMEREE (Instituts de Formation aux Métiers des Energies Renouvelables et de l’Efficacité Energétique)Our mission and vision 2021 Reference: Our Association is based in 70 members (experts covering all the chain of the Energy including renewable and oil & gas exploration, production, transport and transformation) supported by 11 partner companies giving the back office facilities for our different expertise domains. Although our experts cover the entire world, our involvement and visibility is targeting the African continent.  The French petroleum industry, from where our experts come, has a long history of developing technologies and operating […]
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25 April 2021

Convergence on April the 21st 2021

  Point Actu Convergence au 21 Avril 2021   Point Projet Mission Export Algérie prévue en septembre 2021 Convergence proposera en relation avec les membres du groupe Local Content impliqués un package destiné aux membres ACP et non membres ACP intéressés par cette initiative. Les consultations en particulier avec le NAPEC et  les partenaires locaux en Algérie se poursuivent au mois d’Avril pour proposer les meilleures conditions Point initiative Mali Plusieurs intérêts ont été exprimés  pour participer à cette initiative.  Des besoins d’accompagnement sur le contenu local ont été exprimés à la fois dans le secteur pétrole et Mines L’objectif à court terme sera de préciser les besoins prioritaires, d’identifier les opportunités et de formaliser des offres de services et d’accompagnement adaptés aux besoins du pays. Nous organiserons très rapidement une séance de travail pour présenter la démarche proposée. Rappel des actions menées par Convergence Convergence a réalisé en 2020 des actions de communication autour du local content. Nous poursuivrons ces actions en 2021 , en particulier autour de la thématique du développement du contenu local.    
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