5 November 2021

Low-carbon transition of the hydrocarbon industry with the use of hydrogen

Proposal for a simple and effective resolution at COP26 “Geological Net Zero”: A proposal for a simple and globally effective international agreement on fossil carbon Hydrogen and the Hydrocarbon Industry: “Webinaire-ACP-du-30-Novembre-2020-by-Convergence” An audience of over 70 participants: ACP members and qualified individuals from the oil, gas and hydrogen sector were invited. Recording of the conference: https://youtu.be/xL43_obKUTc . see also the interview of Patrick Portolano at the Ecofin agency https://www.agenceecofin.com/hydrocarbures/2310-81675-entretien-comment-les-pays-africains-pourraient-tirer-profit-de-l-hydrogene-naturel   Synopsis The hydrocarbon industry is currently facing a systemic change that affects its very foundations. The entire oil chain is being impacted. What are the changes already underway and what are the likely developments? What are the risks and opportunities for oil, gas and hydrogen specialists?   Speakers: – Jean-Pierre FAVENNEC, Professor IFP School, Sciences Po, Dauphine, President ADEA – Yves FRIEDMANN, Consulting engineer in pipeline design and engineering – Jean-Louis GAILLARD, President of ACP, Association des Consultants Pétroliers – Bernard GROS, Lecturer and researcher at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse – Issa-Diop NDOYE, International Expert in development strategies and policies – Patrick PORTOLANO, Founder and Director of EOSYS, geosciences engineering – Akil ZAIMI, Consulting Engineer in Oil Economics   Low Carbon Transition Hydrocarbon Industry with Hydrogen   Objective […]
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8 October 2021

Algeria Mission 2021/2022

Update of October 8, 2021: The health situation oblige us to review our roadmap, as discussed at the end of 2020 with a view to the March NAPEC postponed to September then to November 2021. -The first step was the organisation of the digital event on the September 29th, (in the place of the postponed NAPEC). This step on zoom webinar was based on a technical conference and workshops (on the 5 main topics below) will allow a first exchange/discussion between players in the sector, thus providing an alternative to companies unable / unwilling to travel to Algeria to that time. The link to the replay : http://lp.convergence.link/évènement_digital_mission_collective_algérie -The second face-to-face step, if possible at Hassi Messaoud NAPEC in 2022, would see the launch of Franco-Algerian project groups addressing the 5 key topics (mentioned during the 1st stage). Initial objective of the mission in Algeria: A few highlights about this mission: Accelerate the Franco-Algerian collaboration in the Energy sector around 5 key themes Solarisation of oil production facilities Reduction of flared gas Improvement rate recovery of oilfields Hydrogen Development of Algerian industries The mission will last 2 and a half day (2 nights in country) with the option of staying another […]
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3 June 2021

Local content (Benchmarking)

Latest news and contribution from the Oil and Gas Group of professionals from the Senegalese diaspora (GPSOG): For a better Local Content in the Oil and Gas sector in Senegal. Local Content in Senegal from oil & gas Diaspora GPS OG May 2021   Introduction : For several years, the ACP has positioned itself with national companies as a facilitator for the development of Local Content, especially in countries with a long history in mining, which are facing today major opportunities to develop Oil & Gas resources, counting on their limited mining industry resources, for the next generation of oil opportunies (employment-industry). Some presentations during working workshops with representatives of the French oil industry (Saudi Arabi, Algeria, Senegal et Mauritania) Vision of the situation and challenges of Local Content in Mauritania 1/ Human Resources  : challenge and opportunity The development of the energy sector in Mauritania is mainly driven by the sharp increase of the electricity demand, by the increase in the share of renewable energies and by the development of the oil &gas sector starting with the Greater Tortue project (GTA Project shared with Senegal) currently in Engineering and construction phase. The operation phase should start early 2022. Thousands of […]
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15 May 2021

essai anglais

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6 May 2021

Création du groupe MEDAF à Aix en Provence

Perspective d’implication dans la création du Centre de Formation Oleum Sud Total (avec CFL/Apave & ENSM) Mise à jour de mi avril 2017 : étude de coopération du CFL Apave et de l’école de la marine ENSM au déploiement du centre de formation Oleum Sud, appellé dès son ouverture en septembre prochain à couvrir les besoins de formation d’exploitants de production offshore.  Depuis le lancement du Groupe : Parmi les cinq grands projets de reconversion du site de La Mède, OLEUM Sud deviendra la plate-forme principale de formation du Groupe TOTAL sur les métiers du Raffinage-Chimie, comme à Dunkerque (OLEUM Nord), mais aussi sur ceux de l’Exploration-Production, et du Transport, par Mer, Pipelines, Voies Ferrées, Route,… Nous avons organisé deux conférences avec le CLUB de la MESURE et l’IRA, avec la participation de l’ACP : le 6 Juin, sur le thème Métrologie, Etalonnage de Compteurs-Débitmètres. Journée organisée chez SPSE (Société du Pipeline Sud-Européen) et le 15 Juin sur le thème : DRONES – PHILEAPOLIS, La Cité de l’Air – Exemple d’application : LA SURVEILLANCE DES PIPES. Manifestation à l’IRA à Arles, et en partenariat avec PHILEAPOLIS, La Cité de l’Air et FLYING EYE (Opérateur et Constructeur de Drones). Pour tout renseignement et inscription contacter […]
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24 April 2021

HSE News May 2021

ACCIDENTS ARE ALL PROCESSES!              MURPHY’s Law and the others … Science is the Truth. Don’t be fooled by the facts … Any solution brings new problems … Anything that is likely to go wrong will go wrong. First the troubles add up, then they multiply … If there are at least two ways of doing something and at least one of these ways can lead to disaster, there is bound to be someone somewhere to go down that road. All possible mistakes have been made. We think about how to make others possible!   Remy Geoffray presentation on accidentology All companies suffer serious accidents that deeply destabilize their organizations. Analyses of these accidents should make it possible to determine their causes, to learn and to share the lessons to be learned in order to prevent their recurrence. Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur despite an overall improvement in the level of security. Energy major companies regularly compare their methods, standards and results accumulated over several years in order to continuously improve the safety of their operations. Through this collaborative approach, as well as external audits conducted in accordance with internationally recognized protocols, best practices are identified and shared across the industry. […]
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