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ACP Project group

You are an Oil & Gas or an Energy service company and want to be able to rely on a group of specialists in your field, in order to better respond to your projects. We offer you to join the ACP network and thus cooperate closely, with all our consultants, in the different stages of your projects from the drafting of technical proposals to the execution of contracts, worldwide.


Some of our specialist consultants have their permanent base in Africa, North and South America, Asia, CIS…

The ACP network also brings you a privileged relationship with other partners involved in the different fields of the various energy industries. It will allow you to define a group strategy driven by a monitoring cell and to consider a pool of efforts and competence, so you can build your offers to calls for tenders requiring multiple skills, for example in training (design, management and project realisation, design and management of training centres).

While the price of crude oil remains at a low level, the pressure from countries to take advantage of new projects to develop their resources (human and industrial) seems to be increasing even further. The ACP is committed to this project, which aims to satisfy stakeholders by building on existing resources (including in other areas such as mining) and to sustain investments in these new areas.


The ACP has the capacity and the tools to deal with these different topics from the assessment of needs and capacities, to the implementation of solutions (HR training, development of local industries …).

Our group of specialist consultants relies, in their business, on partner members playing the role of Back Office: