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Jacques BAL

Graduated in geology from Karl Rupecht University, Heidelberg Germany. International experience as exploration and field geophhysist with major oil and services companies (Geosource, Prakla-Seismos, Total, Elf, Conoco, Texas Crude, …) He is working currently as consultant in oil and gas field evaluation, seismic acquisition and interpretation. His worldwide experience includes also supervision, logistics, project impact studies, coordination and management. His working languages are : French, English, German and Arabic.

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PhD in Quantitative Geosciences from Institut Français du Pétrole and Paris-7 University. Senior Reservoir Geologist and Geomodeller (Petrel and Gocad-Skua) with reservoir engineering background. 20 years of experience gained in North and West Africa, Caspian and Asia on small to giant clastic and carbonate fields. Worked with various operators (Perenco, BP, ENI and Geopetrol) and geosciences software company (Emmerson-Paradigm). Extensive expertise in geological interpretation, 2D/3D integrated geomodelling, hydrocarbon volume assessment, uncertainty analysis and new well target proposal.

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Has over 35 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, mainly with ELF and for over half of that time his focus was Africa. As VP Africa Exploration, during the period 1987-1993, he was instrumental in positioning ELF in the deep offshore exploration of the Gulf of Guinea leading to the giant discoveries in Angola (Girasol, Dalia…) and in Nigeria (Bonga, Usan…). He was also involved in several other large discoveries (Amenan in Nigeria, Cobo-Pambi in Angola, Nkossa in Congo) and in the development of complex fields which needed multidisciplinary work. In 1993 he became Elf VP for New Ventures and negotiations, successfully establishing the company in a number of new areas such as Azerbaijan (Shak Deniz) and Trinidad & Tobago. He retired from ELF in 2001, having spent his last 3 years as VP Asia Pacific in Singapore. Since then, he is an adviser to start ups, national oil companies and to banks. He also gives lectures and is a moderator and/or speaker at international conferences. Andre is a graduate of St.

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Born in 1956, graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (1979) and Newcastle University ( UK ), he worked for 5 years in reservoir engineering and reserve evaluation at FRANLAB (now BECIP-FRANLAB) in Sophia Antipolis (France) and Houston (Texas). He founded EOSYS in 1993, a geosciences and seismic survey company based in Paris, and has managed it since then. To reservoir engineering and reservoir modeling, he has added specializations in 3D geological modeling, seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, satellite and aerial image processing and interpretation. He has worked for most of the major industrial French Corporations as well as a number of IOC and NOC in Europe, Africa, Middle East and America. His current focus is in prospect and reserve appraisals as well as in assisting or participating with private investors to secure new exploration and production permits. E-mail   :


Graduated Ecole Nationale micro -mécanique physique CLUSES (74) in 1952 – Ingénieur Maison C.G.G. ( COMPAGNIE Générale de Géophysique) from 1956 to 1983  – Salt Dols Texas from 1984 to 2004 – Consulting from 2004 till today

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